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5.11 Tactical Professional Polo Short Sleeve - Pique Knit

MSRP Price: $42.99
Our Price: $39.99

Product Description

  • 100% Treated Cotton to prevent fading, wrinkling, and shrinking
  • Tough melamine buttons
  • No Roll Collar with flexible collar stays
  • Accepts embroidery and silk screening well
  • Short Sleeve
  • Assorted colors
  • Tall adds 2 inches to body length

Law enforcement, military and fire professionals worldwide consistently choose the 5.11 Professional Polo Shirts for both on and off-duty wear.  Made to meet the demands of law enforcement organizations, the 5.11 Professional Polo Shirts will stay looking neat, clean and professional in almost any duty assignment.  The Professional Polo Shirts have been selected for casual uniform wear throughout the country.  Made of 100% cotton, specially treated not to fade, wrinkle or shrink, this professional polo shirts provide a neat, clean and professional look even after over 20 washings. 

The 5.11 Professional Polo Shirts can be worn in all types of conditions both on and off duty.  These professional polo shirts are perfect for special programs such as bicycle patrol, casual on duty work, training facility wear, office wear and any other duty which does not demand a formal uniform. 

The 5.11 Professional Polo Shirts are made to the high standards demanded by Law Enforcement, Military and Fire Professionals.  The no roll collar has flexible stays which keep the collars from rolling at the edges. The pen pockets are stitched to endure constant use and all seams are designed for both comfort and durability.

5.11 Tactical Series® uses only Melamine buttons on the 5.11 Professional Polo Shirts. Melamine buttons don’t crack or break, can withstand the heat of an iron and have a very professional look.  The stitching and materials used in the construction of the 5.11 Professional Polo Shirts are of the highest quality.

The 5.11 Professional Polo Shirts are the ultimate in comfort and fit.  The 100% cotton fabric gives them a soft feel and they are tailored to keep you looking great. They are available for both men and women of all sizes and come ready to wear right out the bag.

Because the 5.11 Professional Polo Shirts do not wrinkle, shrink or fade, it is an exceptional value.  Most professional polo shirts on the market can be worn only a few times before losing a neat, clean and professional look.  The 5.11 Professional Polo Shirts outlast other polo shirts by such a great factor and are so reasonably priced, it just makes sense to wear the best.  Accept no substitutes. 


Check out what our Customers are saying about our Polos!

Extremely happy with the polo shirts and the tactical shorts that I have purchased. Fit and quality is not matched by any other vendor. These polo shirts are highly recommend.
I have about 10 of these polo shirts and wear them most of the time. I like the look, the fit and the pen pocket on the polo shirts sleeve. I like the silver tan and law enforcement green colors the best in polo shirts.
I have seven 5.11 short sleeve polo shirts (counting the Tactical series) in my closet and I wear the polo shirts by choice, not regulation. I routinely buy the polo shirts, both with and without logos. They give a very professional appearance, even coming out of packed luggage. The polo shirts have a no roll collar, no snags, and fit beat out almost all other polo shirts. The decent weight fabric makes it studier, drape better and resist bunching/wrinkling. The polo shirts are very fade resistant in daily use; mine use is office or travel, some outdoor/active use. The pen pockets are great; people who see the pockets ask where to get my polo shirts (my community is aviators with flight suits). Minor spills on two earlier shirts became obvious and permanent - one polo shirts became a very good shop polo shirts. No problems since then, stain resistance has been very good. I wash the polo shirts inside out, warm or cold wash/cold rinse, smallest amount of detergent, and dry on light/delicate temperatures (I never use the cotton settings for anything but cotton underwear). I never put a stained garment in the hamper without at least some stain treatment. With this regime, my clothes seemed to look better and last longer than my other polo shirts.
I found this polo shirts to hold up rather well physically. I've been using it for quite a awhile now, but the color fades quite noticeably after a few months. Extremely durable otherwise. I would say the price is a tad bit steep, but other than that it is a great polo shirts.
I first bought this polo shirts simply because of the pen pockets on the polo shirts sleeve. What I got was the best polo shirts I have ever owned. This polo shirt is not only functional, but comfortable and stylish too. I have every color of this polo shirt available and I can truthfully say that the color never fades from any of the polo shirts. Also, the no roll color is an excellent feature for those of us that hate rolled collars. The only addition that I wish it had was a mic loop on the shoulder, other than that the polo shirt is flawless.
Excellent fit and feel, Mic tabs are a great feature as well on the polo shirts.
We have been using polo shirts for about 14 years. We tried almost every type of polo shirts from cheap to very expensive but none of the polo shirts would last. They all faded fast, developed holes and the collars always rolled. One of my full time guys came back from Irag after serving in a security role at the US embassy. He showed me a 5.11 polo shirt that he had been wearing under his turnout gear for over a year and it was still in good shape. We switched to the professional polo shirts and the life of our polo shirts have tripled over what they were before. Even when we replace them the collar is still in shape. I dont think we will ever leave 5.11. Thank you for these great polo shirts!!!
This is a very well made polo shirt. The collar stays in place and the pen pockets are a great addition. Great polo shirts!
I have at least one of these polo shirts in every color and wear them on duty and off. They are solid, well-made polo shirts and I love the way the collar keeps its shape. The pen pocket on the sleeve is great because carrying a pen in class B uniform has always been a pain. I can carry a pen and a handcuff key in the pockets of these polo shirts and they are secure and handy. My black and navy polo shirts have faded a little after a year but they are overall an absolutely fantastic polo shirt.
I have 2 pairs of these polo shirts and they are great. They fit well, have not shrunk or faded either. Very impressed with the polo shirts and wear them all the time either off duty or at work.
Great polo shirt, I wore my first one for so long it faded. I like the original the best in short and long sleeve polo shirts. Very roomy and moves with you.
This is the first one of these that I've bought. Now I don't know why I waited so long to try them. The best polo shirts that I've had. Even after a long day they still look like you just put it on.
Very nice shirt, good fit, no fade, no curl collars. I love it. I plan to only buy 5.11 polo shirts from now on. I work Fire/EMS and this is an all around great polo shirt. I now have some for off duty.
These polo shirtsare the only polo shirts that I where now. These are hands down the greatest polo shirts made. There is ABSOLUTELY no shrinking at all. They are comfortable and are sized perfectly for concealing my service pistol. They are a great buy at the price considering comparable quality shirts made by other companies.
Very comfortable, fit great, look better than the "frumpy" polo shirts available in the private sector. While my blue and red polo shirts haven't faded, my black polo shirt has faded considerably. Collar stays also become less rigid over time, but collar remains neat and professional looking. These polo shirts knocked my Duluth Trading Co. "No-Polos" off the throne as my favorite work polo shirt.
These polo shirts are great, they wear like iron and you'll never need to iron!
"A very professional look with a very comfortible fit and allways at a very Affordable price. 5.11 Professional Polo... a Very good Choice. These are great polo shirts and thank you for making these polo shirts
Buy Yours today."
i really love this polo shirt great quality my only qualm is that it is slightly large on me but if tucked in it looks awesome i would get several more if only my job paid more lol. Thanks for the great polo shirts
No shrinking, No fading, and extremely comfortable. Thanks for making these polo shirts

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