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Beginning in 1969 as a kid’s shoe plant and later adapted to produce jungle boots for the soldiers in Vietnam, Altama has been producing Mil-Spec boots for the Department of Defense ever since. Additionally, the company has been distributing its goods to federal, state and local agencies, police, Special Forces and Army / Navy retailers. The company’s sense of obligation owing to the manufacture of quality footwear is unparalleled. Whether it is production of military boots or desert boots, Altama meets the demands of the harsh military and civilian duty. It is understood that army boots take a lot of punishment, but the Combat Vulcanized Boots can take on the worst punishment even nature can dish out. These tough boots that are made to military specifications can see the wearer through any duty in comfort.

The first boots developed by the company were designed for the wet and humid environment of Vietnam, where the standard combat boots would have been far too uncomfortable to wear. Those boots were crafted to aid in ventilation and drain moisture. Later, with the war in Iraq, the company created desert boots which were designed to meet the requirements of soldiers in Desert Storm. The original desert boots were designed to perfectly suit the hot climates. It used suede and air mesh to create the upper portion and had a lining that removed moisture and enabled the foot to breathe. The sole was designed with a lung pattern to ensure good grip in the most loose sand or rock terrain. Additional feature included slip resistance, even in oil and acid, so the soldier was firmly planted in all conditions. The rubber sole was non-marking, thus making the boot safe indoors or out. The specially designed exo-skeleton support eliminated ankle and foot exhaustion. This line is still being used in the Middle East today. Out of this experience, many comfortable and durable styles were later developed and are being used worldwide to fight the war on terror. They are are not limited to military use, however; many civilians using these boots swear by them for durability and comfort.

After Desert Storm Altama developed a combat boot using the traditional Panama sole for the civilian population. Using the knowledge gained from war experiences and combining it with Mil-Specs design features, the new boots provided durability and comfort for the general public. Later, when it was noticed that soldiers were taking their army boots and getting “saw tooth” bottoms because they provided more traction during road marches, Altama started to manufacture the Original Ripple Sole Boots. Eventually, they became the first company to make these available for the public at large. Over the years, Altama boots have not only provided outstanding footwear to the armed services, but has kept the needs of the civilian population in mind as well.

In 2008, the Hoplite series was pioneered. This tactical assault boot was created from the ground up to surpass the needs of the best trained fighting forces in the world. Due to its unsurpassed success, a new sage color was introduced so the United States Air Force could use them, too. Having gained such vast experience in producing a combat boot, three series of tactical boots were developed, keeping a higher comfort level in mind for the law enforcement and public safety footwear markets. The LITESpeed, EXOSpeedII, and Ortho-TacX used the most technical and high end materials available on the market. These exceptionally light, heat resistant styles concentrated on reducing exhaustion and improving on-the-job functioning. These boots are ideally suited to the needs of people who spend long hours on their feet, like restaurant workers, hospital workers, or construction workers. These boots are comfortable even when they are straight out of the box and reports of blisters are rare. Designed for durability and comfort, these army boots are ideal for everyday wear for someone who just likes to spend time outdoors.

Not all military boots need to be worn by military personnel, nor are all military boots are worn twenty-four hours a day. Campers, hikers, and off duty personnel can select from the Panamoc line. These maximum comfort shoes are built for when a combat boot is not required. These boots are constructed with outstanding traction for rough or maintained trails. This Mountain Hiker boot is waterproof and is created to provide utmost comfort. The lining resists water while allowing it to breathe. The top is made of leather and rubber rand so cuts or damage from rocks can be resisted. There is extra protection around the ankle area with the midsole and outsole constructed of polyurethane for absorbing shocks. A removable contoured orthotic footbed adds to the comfort. The gored slip-on design is good for everyday use. The collection maintains the highest standards of traction, slip resistance, durability, and comfort, while still maintaining style. While designed with the armed services personnel in mind, this collection is perfect for the civilian population, too. The style is available for both the male and female population.

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