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belleville flyweight - ultra lightweight hot wea...
Our Price: $119.99
Belleville Flyweight - Ultra Lightweight Hot Weather Desert Tan Garrison Boot TR393
belleville flyweight - ultra lightweight hot wea...
Our Price: $119.99
Belleville Flyweight - Ultra Lightweight Hot Weather Sage Green Garrison Boot TR696
Founded in Belleville, Illinois in 1904, these boots had humble beginnings. Starting with only fifty workers and producing 50 to 75 pairs a day, Belleville Boots became known throughout the United States within a few short years for producing men’s and boys' shoes. It was in World War I, when the company got its first military order that transformed it from a simple producer of everyday shoes to the high-tech shoe manufacturer it is today. During the depression years, it marketed its shoes in Chicago to social service agencies. Military production again gained momentum in World War II. The company’s on-time deliveries and impressive products earned it the Army-Navy “E” Award in 1945. This made Belleville Boots one of only five companies earning the award out of the ninety companies that could produce a combat boot. In the subsequent years, the company has repeatedly earned honors from the government for its quality and execution. While the company diversified into athletic shoes - making baseball, golf, football, soccer, and track & bowling shoes, production concentrated more on military boots in the 1970s. Today, the company is actively expanding and investing heavily in developing revolutionary boot technologies. Being the principal provider of military boots, their boots are known as “Bellevilles” around the globe.
Their army boots combine many technologies to improve ventilation & comfort and are specialized for different climates and terrains like desert boots, jungle boots, and tanker boots. Each combat boot is crafted not only to meet, but exceed, all heat and flame resistance requirements of the U.S. military personnel seeking the most comfortable and durable footwear. All types of army boots are designed so that breaking-in is not required. Each pair can be worn right out of the box, whether it is used on the flight deck, in a combat vehicle, or in flight.
The double density Polyurethane Meramax Sole system that's available only from Belleville, provides three times more wear than the typical outsoles. It can better resist damage and absorb shock. Due to the stronger one piece sole, separation is next to impossible, even under heavy use. All these qualities make their desert boots the ideal choice, not only for the armed services working in countries with hot climates, but also for civilians who like to spend a great deal of time outdoors. It is constructed with cowhide and Cordura Nylon Fabric to provide drainage and the cooling padded collar & tongue take care of the comfort factor.
Being the major trader of military boots, it takes it upon itself to research and build up new computer driven boot technologies so the needs of their customers are better served. The new technologies allow them to make shoes that function and feel like a running shoe, but look like a boot. This is due to the fact that many of their military boots are fitted with Vanguard Sole System to ensure the wearer gets maximum comfort. The use of the Vanguard Sole System guarantees excellent cushioning as it spreads impact throughout the foot - starting with the heel all the way to the toe. There is thick polyurethane mid-sole cushioning combined with rubber outsole for unmatched tread sturdiness. A new addition to their sole arrangement is known as MeraMax. This is industrial strength polyurethane that is oil resistant, non marking, abrasion resistant, and shock absorbent. Since it provides an outstanding grip, army boots using this system are good anywhere from a slippery deck of a ship to postings in icy locations. The designing of the tread promotes self cleaning with outstanding cold weather functioning. A combat boot can be acquired in base exchanges, U.S base service centers, or on our website.
These boots are constructed using the Brannock Device measurements. This device is a silver foot measurement tool used in almost all shoe stores in the country. It allows for precise measurements of the foot size. If, however, the tool is not easily accessible, then a chart can be downloaded from our website to provide a good idea of what shoe size should be ordered.
In addition to the previously available line of desert boots, two new styles of military combat and tactical footwear have been recently introduced. Belleville boots are specially designed by making use of footwear science, so that soldiers’ tactical requirements are met. The exclusive Tactical Research line of footwear is made to stand up to the rugged terrain that is the demand of today’s battleground. Two initial designs are called the Paladin and Kiowa. The Paladin employs a zipper and provides a non-metallic safety toe, while the Kiowa is very lightweight and specifically created for improved feel, while providing mobility. Both styles are fitted with an insole that combines anatomical design with high-tech materials to meet the laborious challenge of tactical use our soldiers need today. The company continues to research new materials and designs so it can continue to provide the best foot protection available
Check out how to take care of your Belleville Boots here with our How To Care for your Belleville Boots article.

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