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Emergency Bugout Bag/Survival Pack

Sale Price: $175.99

Product Description

The world is unpredicatable. Lately, it seems the news is dominated with stories of floods, wild fires, earthquakes and the stock market is tanking! Our economy right now is very unpredictable as well. These are generally extreme situations that are a rarity. But what about something as simple as your car breaking down in the winter months? What would you do if you found yourself stranded and needed to survive for 72 hours because you were stranded and had no cell service? Could you do it? For most people, the answer is clear, they would need some supplies.

This is where our bug out bag/survival kit comes into play. You need to be prepared if you find yourself in a situation where you need to bug out quickly, whether it is an extreme situation or a more common one. We have taken one of our medium transport packs and stuffed it full of all the essential items you would need to survive for 72 hours. Should disaster strike, you'll be able to grab this bag and evacuate quickly with peace of mind knowing you'll be good to go for 24 hours or more. The thought of abandoning your home or vehicle in an emergency situation doesn't have to be a scary one anymore!

We've loaded this bag up with over $200 worth of supplies. Not only will you get one of the most durable medium transport bags we sell, you'll get all of the following items:

1 MRE meal with enough calories to last one or more days. - a $10 value
1 GI Style Stainless Steel Mess Kit - a $12.00 value
1 US Army Survival Manual - a $7.00 value
1 Gerber FLIK Multi Tool - a $63.95 value
1 Olive Drab Waterproof Matchbox case - okay, so this is about $2.00, but still a value
1 Waterproof Military First Aid Kit with all supplies - a $30.00 value
1 Aurora Fire Starter - a $26.00 value
1 MOLLE Compatible Medium Transport Pack - a $50.00 value, Multicam is a $90 value

As we see it, that is around $210.00 worth of gear you are getting for only $175.99!

Other essential items you'll want to add yourself are basic supplies like baby wipes for cleaning, extra socks and clothing and duct tape. You can fix anything with duct tape! You may also want to add one of our solar/wind up radios and a solar charger for your cell phone. We also recommend you stash about $200 in cash in one of the secure pockets on the pack.

One last thing to consider is self protection. We recommend that you keep a gun or knife in the bag as well. However, be a master of your weapon of choice. The last thing you want to do is have an aggressor turn your own weapon on you because you weren't well practiced with the weapon.

With all these supplies, you'll have peace of mind should you ever need to grab this bag and go. Get one for each of your vehicles especially during the winter months. One thing that the past year has taught us is that anything can happen with little to no warning. As the Boy Scouts have always said, "Be Prepared!"

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