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all over comfort & performance ”spit shineable” ...
Our Price: $144.95
Corcoran 10 Original Leather Jump Boot #1500
an easy-on boot with an extra-long-wearing sole&...
Our Price: $139.95
Corcoran 10 Leather Side Zipper Field Boot with Lug Outsole# 985
Corcoran Boots are made in the USA by Cove Boots, a local shoe manufacturer in Pennsylvania which has been making the highest quality footwear for over 60 years. The line features desert boots, military boots, and army boots, and it also includes the very combat boot that U.S. troops now rely on when on duty in Iraq.

A combat boot is meant for real military combat. Corcoran is best known as the manufacturer of the original jump boot. The history of the jump boot as made by Corcoran goes back to World War Two, when heroic paratroopers wore them as they landed behind enemy lines in Europe. Today, Corcoran boots are still in military service, worn in Iraq as the combat boot of choice by US troops who are deployed in the toughest conditions. Combat boots are made to last, and the rugged construction of these boots make them perfect for military, law enforcement, and outdoor adventure wear. Today, skydivers, construction professionals, and others who need the utmost in protection rely on these boots to shield them from impact and dangerous chemicals, as well as to provide traction on any surface.

Army boots are worn by soldiers who are on active duty, and they must meet high construction and safety standards. Our army boots are true military quality, and they continue to serve American soldiers on base and in the field. Leather boots are easy to keep clean, and internal and external support provide comfort and proper fit no matter how frequently they are worn. These boots are truly as impressive in their characteristics and safety features as they are in their proud military appearance.

Military boots include boots that are worn at parades and in other circumstances where a boot has to look as good as it wears. Corcoran military boots do just that - every model sold, whether an air force boot, a field boot or a specialized Marauder desert tan boot, is able to withstand adverse weather conditions and repeated wear, retaining both its shape and its appearance. Only the finest materials are used, so that the boots are U.S. military approved as well as being able to stand up to the most rigorous outdoor use.

Desert boots are for heat and humidity, and they must be comfortable as well as tough. The boots that are offered by this top manufacturer truly fit the bill, making them ideal for extreme adventure sports just as they are relied upon by military personnel who are called upon to serve in hot climates and march through uneven terrain and vegetation. Our desert boots are at home in any situation where it truly gets as hot as it can get. The most modern heat deflecting fabrics are combined with top craftsmanship and techniques to create boots that will withstand any use to which they are put, from combat in the desert to hiking through the most jagged mountainous terrain in the heat of the summer adventure season.

All of our boots feature the latest in shock absorbing sole design, as well as traditional military lasts and construction updated for modern materials and the latest high military and law enforcement standards. Some of these features include:

Goodyear Patented Flex-Welt Construction
Top Quality Toe Cap and Counter
Garrison Army Munson Last
Cordura High Performance Fabric
Cambrelle Breathable Lining
Webbing Reinforcement
Full Height Lace System
Exclusive DRYZ Moisture and Odor Control Shock Absorbing Cushioned Insert
High Tech Carbon Heat Absorbing Bottom Fill
Fiberglass Shank
Shock Absorbing Polyurethane Midsole Using Patented PGD Technology
Vibram Sierra Self Cleaning 4-Way Traction Outsole

All materials, whether leather, fabric or sole, are selected carefully and painstakingly crafted for the top level of durability and comfort, as well as support and protection. Our boots are considered the top quality available by military procurement experts and civilian users alike. They have earned their rank at the very pinnacle of high endurance footwear for military use, and they have also been adopted by others who know that the quality of their footwear is crucial to their work performance or their safe enjoyment of extreme adventure sports.

Corcoran boots are the top choice for military boots of all types, from army boots that might be worn for display at parades while also serving as mandatory footwear for long marching exercises, to desert boots that must provide comfort as they withstand extreme heat conditions. Choosing these boots for rugged wear will guarantee protection, support and comfort, and the boots will last as long as possible through repeated wear and exposure to any conditions that might be encountered in any outdoor situation. Developed for and continuing to serve the military, our boots are also chosen by wearers whose level of activity is similar to long marches through unforgiving and challenging terrain.

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