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Ghillie Suit Equipment

Bushrag Ghillie Suit Kit
Item #: r65110
complete with 7 colors of jute/burlap to create any patternbody & head nettingfire retardantfull instructionscovers head, torso, back, upper arms & thighsdesigned to add natural vegetationcan be configured to be worn upri...
Our Price: $71.95
There are two things that make a sniper smile, the pink mist and our ghillie suit prices! If you are looking for the perfect bush rag ghillie suit then check ours out here. Whether you are hunting terrorists or deer, concealment is the name of the game. If you're not in one of our Ghillie-Flage Ready To Wear Ghillie Suits then you're just not setting yourself up for the kill shot. Now that you've achieved the perfect stalk with our ghillies, don't let your weapon give away your location. Our Rifle Rag is a rifle wrap that is a six foot piece of O.D. Green elastic webbing with dyed jute/burlap material sewn onto it and then loops around a rifle, bow or paintball marker. Lastly, don't forget to conceal your hands and face with our camouflage paint sticks or compacts.

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