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Military Fabric and Technology Details


High Perfomance Materials

An Approved Patriot Surplus Primer on Highly Patriotic Materials


DuPont Nomex is the fiber that's engineered to stand up to excessive flame temperatures; which therefore provides a far superior heat and flame resistance which cannot be washed out or worn away from the product. It won't melt, drop or support combustion in the air, giving you the confidence you need to focus on the fight at hand. For superior performance in the areas of flame resistance, thermal protection, comfort and durability, DuPont NOMEX offers exceptional results. Belleville, Blackhawk, Propper and Rothco use Nomex materials in their fire-retardent and flight approved items.
GORE-TEX footwear provides durable waterproof protection that is a highly breathable fabric in a variety of climate conditions. GORE-TEX fabric is engineered to keep moisture from entering the product while allowing persipartion to excape. The optimal  combination of breathability and insulation keeps feet drier while maintaining comfort. This helps prevent feet from overheating or issues caused by excessive perspiration build up inside the boots. The GORE-TEX lining is also Pteroleum, Oil and Lubricant Resistant. Belleville, Blackhawk, Danner, Propper and Rocky all use Gore-Tex in their products.


Originally developed for military clothing and designed to combat chemical agents, Ion-Mask protection tehcnology by p2i works at the molecular level to repel liquids, resist blood born pathogens and allow perspiration to escape. RockyHi-Tech and Magnum are both knon for using IonMask.
Cambrelle Not only keeps the feet dry, cool and comfortable, it also helps protect the footwear itself. As it is so effective at dispersing moisture, the lining also helps to prevent staining of the upper caused by excess moisture and prevents the buildup of bacteria that can cause mildew, rot and odor. ConverseCorcoranDannerGeorgia BootsHi-TechMagnum, and Matterhorn all use Cambrelle materials.
OrthoLite footbeds provide highly resilient support and cushioning for much longer than conventional footbeds, while fighting ordor with an enviromental friendly biocide treatment. OrthoLite's open cell foam padding is also lightweight and breathable, allowing air to pass through the shoe and excess heat and moisture to excape for cool comfort. Blackhawk, Rocky and Magnum use OrthoLite products.
Vibram is the world leader in high performance rubber soles, combining quality, innovation and the best compounds for their specific use. Vibram soles are always produced with three objectives to guarantee the best performance, the maximum level of comfort and long lasting quality. Altama, Belleville, Blackhawk, Corcoran, Danner, Georgia Boots, LaCrosse, Magnum, Matterhorn, Rocky and WellCo all use Vibram Soles.
Offering Unparalleled perfomance and innovation, Helcor Tec Tuff is made from specially treated leather that is 100 times mor abrasion resistant than standard leather. Magnum boots uses this material.
Agion is a slow releasing anti-microbial compound of silber ions, which increases with rising temperatures and moisture to counter the ideal conditions for bacterial growth. Due to the slow release of ions, Agion antimicrobial compound remains effective for longer than other compounds and protects against a broader range of bacteria. Belleville, Georgia Boots, Magnum and Rocky use Agion products.
The Largest thread maker in the world, All Coats threads products are constructed and finished for a gauranteed seem quality and reduced thread breakage. Magnum and Hi-Tech use Coats threads.
The Latest in breathability technology. Breatheright lining offers the ultimate comfort thanks to its supreme ability to dry quickly. Belleville and Magnum Use BreathRight technology.
1,000 denier CORDURA® nylon is a high-performance fabric that is designed to stand up to highly abusive treatment, yet it is remarkably lightweight and breathable. This fabric is resistant to abrasions, tears, and scuffs and is 2 x more durable than standard nylon, 3 x more durable than polyester and 10 x more durable than cotton duck. Which makes Cordura Nylon the go to choice when making tactical gear, boots and other high speed low drag items that you want to put up to the test. The test of durability and strength. Altama, Belleville, Blackhawk, Corcoran, Danner, Hi-Tech, Magnum, Maxpedition Gear, Rocky and Tru-Spec all use Cordura when making their products.
Nyco Fabric is a 50% Nylon and 50% Cotton blend that provides excellent comfort and durability. The Military approved fabric resists fading, shrinking and wrinkling it improves the lifetime of the product and it is available in both ripstop and twill weaves.  BattleRip fabric is exclusive to Propper Products. It features a 65% Polyester and a 35% Cotton rip stop fabric blend which makes this an all season weight fabric which is durable comfortable and fade resistant. Here at Patriot Surplus we suggest pairing any Propper item marked with Battle Rip together to make a matching uniform.
DRIFIRE is a flame resistant, self extinguishing fabric that is lightweight and comfortable to wear. The Fibers wick moisture away from the body and feature antibacterial properties for oder control which is good for when your sweating gallons and you don't want to reak. When exposed to a flame, DRIFIRE forms a hard shell and crumbles. It will Never melt nor will it ever drip. Certain ACU's and ABU's have Flame Resistant Fibers woven into their uniforms making them NFPA compliant 65/35 Poly/Cotton is a 65% Polyester and 35% cotton fabric is a mix of synthetic and natural fibers available in a variety of weaves, uncluding ripstop, twill and canvas. From lightweight to heavyweight fabrics this blend provides excellent color integrity, shrink resistance and long lasting durability.
60/40 Cotton/Poly is a heavy duty fabric which is widely used in public safety products due to its durability and color integrity versus 100% cotton as it is known to fade. The fabric provides excellent color integrity, shrink resistance, and lasting durability which in our opinion here at Patriot Surplus is what everyone is looking for. Cotton Ripstop is a 100% cotton ripstop fabric which is lightweight, breathable, and of course tear resistant. As an all natural fiber, cotton tends to fade, wrinkle and srhink faster than the synthetic fabric blends. Cotton fibers will also lose their strength under heavy wear and tear and laundering. If color integrity is critical, we do not suggest this fabric here at Patriot Surplus. 
Tencate Defender M is the flame resistant fabric of choice for the United States Army and the United States Marine Corps as the owner of Patriot Surplus is a Marine he highly stands by this fabric. The Tencate Defender M uses patented technology to provide exceptional protection from flame and heat while remaining breathable and lightweight. Dfenedner M also self extinguishes much like the DriFire and will not melt nor will it Drip.Certain ACU's and ABU's have Flame Resistant Fibers woven into their uniforms making them NFPA compliant Lenzing FR is a flame Resistant fiber that quickly absorbs and evaporates perspiration also known as sweat for the maximum comfort you can find. It protects against radiant and electrical heat, molton substances and flash fires. Certain ACU's and ABU's have Flame Resistant Fibers woven into their uniforms.
Propper I.C.E. which stands for Integrated Cooling fabric is a 90% polyester/10% spandex blend that stands up to intense activity and resists fading, wrinkling and pilling. The fabric dries 125% faster than cotton and 30% faster than traditional polyester. The fabric contains advacned, six channel wicking fiber that pulls moisture away from the body and dries quickly to keep you cool and comfortable, which is great because this technology is engineered into the fabric and will never wash away so it will always work. The Ice Polos for men and women are extremely comfortable. DuPont Teflon Fabric Protector repels stains and liquids as well as dirt and debris. Remember when Dockers came out with the pants that beaded water when the water was "Spilled on them" during the commercial? Same concept but in a much more high speed low drag style of fashion. So don't worry when you are in a high spead persuit and spill coffee on yourself. You can instantly whipe it away. Lightweight Tactical Pants, Lightweight Tactical Shorts and TAC U shorts have this material.
Near Infrared Compliant garments are used by the United States Department of Defense to prevent detection by NIR image converters. These detection devices do not detect temperatures, but rather variations in infrared radiotion. NIR-Compliant uniforms allow the wearer to appear at the same level as the surrounding terrain, making the wearer more difficult to detect. A-Tacs, ABU's and Multicam uniforms have NIR garments. HALT or Highly Advanced Laminate Technology is a layered laminate system that is waterproof, breathable and durable. This technology provides exceptional resistance against the elements without adding bulk which acts like GORE-TEX fabric and keeps you cool and dry while repelling water. Certain Propper Jackets use this material.



DWR or Durable Water Repellency is applied to breathable Fabrics to reduce water absorption and decreases the average drying time of the garment. DWR beads the moisture on the surface of the fabric, keeping the wearer dry and as comfortable as one can be even in the worst weather conditions.






Super Fabric: As you all know here at Patriot Surplus, we go crazy about this stuff. Super Fabric basically takes a bunch of materials and incorporates them in a variety of protective fabric that functions like no other known fabric could ever possibly come close to. The long and the short of it is that the Super Fabric has tiny hard plates that are attached over the surface of a fabric surface. This unique simple solution in addition to the fabric's surprisingly eco-friendly textiles, demonstrates the high level of performance that enhances any product using super fabric. Its great as elbow protectors, put it over your cordura for extra sturdy gear and on boots to make them last longer like the Rocky S2V Also has been used for elbow pads  in the Tru-Spec apparel.






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