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Ladies Military Fashion Couture Handbags


Lady patriots, you deserve to have the best when it comes to finding the right bag. The brave women who support our troops need bags that can stand up to daily use. What better way than to have a bag or purse made from the same fabric that clothes our military? At Patriot Surplus, we now offer a great selection of military diaper bags and military purses that are designed just for you – the woman who wants to show her support for the troops without sacrificing style.

Whether you choose to go with one of our ACU purses or an ACU diaper bag or a BDU purse or a military fabric messenger bag, you’ll instantly fall in love with the look and performance these bags offer. Made from military uniform fabric of your choice, our army purses, ACU purses, ACU diaper bags, BDU purses, and military wallets can be customized to your unique sense of style. Not only are you supporting our military by displaying these bags proudly, but you’re also honoring someone special in your life who has served. Choose from BDU, ACU, ABU, NWU, Desert Marpat, and Woodland Marpat fabrics and several color trim options to design a bag that means so much more than the average accessory.

Want to customize the look of your military purse? We also offer military fabric flower pins that can be added to your bag for an extra feminine touch. Wear these military flower pins on your bag or pin them to shoes, shirts, hats, skirts…pretty much anything you could think of. They’re a great way to show your support for the troops while giving your outfit personality. We also offer stylish military key chains that can do the same thing.

Accessorize on, lady patriots. We’ve got military bags, keychains, and pins made just for you.

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