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Armor and Protection


Handling riots, performing raids, and crowd control is all part of your job description. Luckily, you have a partner that’s there to help you get ready for anything, even the crazy stuff. At Patriot Surplus, we stock law enforcement armor, ballistic vests, law enforcement helmets, and arm and leg protection to keep you safe and sound as you protect and serve.

Our offering of law enforcement helmets includes both anti-riot tactical helmets and ballistic helmets, which you can choose from depending on the demands of your profession. Ballistic helmets protect against fragmentation, shrapnel, and ballistics not less than 2000 FPS, while anti-riot tactical helmets guard the entire head from rocks, sticks, bottles, acid, etc.

 For keeping arms and legs free of injury, we have Rotcho tactical elbow pads, knee pads, and shin guards – all of which are comfortable, reliable methods of protection. Slip them on over or under your uniform.  For the chest, we have a selection of ballistic vests. We also carry armor shields designed specifically for full torso protection in the event of a riot or other emergency.

You protect us, but now is the time to let us protect you. Patriot Surplus has the law enforcement armor you need to return home safe, even under the most challenging of situations.

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