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5.11 Tactical Thumb Drive M&P Pro Series & Full Size(9/.40/.357/.45) R/H - 5
5.11 Tactical Thumb Drive M&P Full Size Series (9/.40/.357) R/H - 4"
5.11 Tactical Thumb Drive M&P Compact Series (9/.40/.357) R/H - 3.55"
5.11 Tactical Thumb Drive Sig 220 (.45)/226 (9mm, .40) R/H
5.11 Tactical Thumb Drive Sig 228/229 R/H - .357, 9mm, .40
5.11 Tactical Appendix/IWB Holster GL 19/23, 26/27 - R/H
5.11 Tactical Appendix/IWB S&W M&P Compact R/H
5.11 Tactical Thumb Drive Beretta 92 R/H
5.11 Tactical ThumbDrive™ Holster 17/22 left hand
5.11 Tactical ThumbDrive™ Holster 34/35 left hand
5.11 Tactical TD TACPCK Glock 17/22 R/H
5.11 Tactical TD TACPCK Glock 19/23 R/H
5.11 Tactical LBE Compact Holster R/H
5.11 Tactical LBE Compact Holster L/H
5.11 Tactical Back-Up Belt System Holster Pouch
5.11 Tactical LBE Holster
5.11 Tactical ThumbDrive™ Drop and Offset Kit
5.11 Tactical Modular Mount System
Voodoo Tactical MOLLE Holster With Attached Mag Pouch
Voodoo Tactical Shoulder Holster
Voodoo Tactical Drop Leg Holster
Voodoo Tactical Drop Leg Platform With Removable Holster
Voodoo Tactical Large Frame Adjustable Hip Holster
Voodoo Tactical Belt Slide Holster
.45 Cal Black Canvas Shoulder Holster
Tactical Holster 5"- Coyote
Black Ankle Holster
Ultra Force Black Tactical Holster- Glock 17
Ultra Force Black Tactical Holster- Beretta 92
Ultra Force Nylon Police Holster
Ultra Force Olive Drab Tactical Holster- Beretta 92
.45 Cal Enhanced Nylon Shoulder Holsters - Black
Ultra Force Hip Holster
Ultra Force Police Nylon Mace Holder w/Flap
Ultra Force Police Nylon Silent Key Holder
Ultra Force Latex Glove Pouch
Ultra Force Mini-Maglite Pouch
Ultra Force Standard Key Holder
Ultra Force Police Nylon Duty Belt
Ultra Force Police Nylon Belt Keepers
BlackHawk S.T.R.I.K.E. Gen-4 MOLLE System Drop Leg Platform
Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. Gen-4 MOLLE Drop Leg Pouch
BlackHawk Escape & Evasion Drop Pouch
BlackHawk Enhanced Omega M-16/Pistol Mag Holds 2 Each Black
Blackhawk Omega Drop Leg Extender with 2in. Quick Release
BlackHawk Tactical Omega Elite Dump Pouch
BlackHawk Tactical Omega Elite Gas Mask Pouch
Blackhawk Ultralight Omega Gas Mask Pouch
BlackHawk Omega M-16 / Flashbang Pouch Black
BlackHawk Omega Drop Leg Medical Pouch
BlackHawk Omega DBL Pistol/Single Cuff Pouch Black
BlackHawk Omega SMG Pouch (HOLDS 3 ) (9MM, 40CAL, UMP 45) Black
BlackHawk Omega SMG Pouch (HOLDS 3 MP5) BLACK
BlackHawk Omega Triple Pistol Mag/Double Cuff Black

When you’re on duty, on the move, or in a high risk situation, you need to have easy but secure access to your weapon. For most people, that means finding the right nylon holster. At Patriot Surplus, we stock a full selection of canvas and nylon holsters that are designed specifically for law enforcement applications. Whether you’re in uniform or undercover, you can bet that our law enforcement holsters will keep your gun safe, secure, and ready to access.

Our gun holster selection includes popular picks like BlackHawk holsters and medical pouches, which work in a variety of tactical applications. Whether you’re looking to store first aid supplies or a weapon, there’s BlackHawk holster or pouch in our selection that’s right for the job. We also carry Ultra Force key holders, pouches, holsters, and belts that can help you suit up for duty so that you’re never caught unprepared.

In terms of law enforcement holster options, you’ll have quite a few to choose from. We have hip holsters, thigh holsters, shoulder holsters, and belts to hold the essentials. We also carry a few Ultra Force tactical holsters designed specifically for the make of your weapon. Each holster offers superior durability, comfort, and performance. After all, you’re in a dangerous profession. That holster is just one of the things you need to do your job safely and effectively.

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