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Itís becoming harder and harder to find quality American made clothing these days. Thatís why Patriot Surplus is proud to offer a great selection of made in America clothing for our customers. These garments are produced by quality American brands with a history of outfitting American service men and women. You can trust their products are field tested and enlisted approved.

No matter what kind of tactical clothing youíre looking for Patriot Surplus can help you find an American made garment so you donít have to compromise quality and durability. Purchasing American made tactical clothing benefits the American economy and allows American garment workers to keep their jobs. Always check the labels in your tactical gear to see where it was made.

Propper if one of our most popular American made tactical brands. Their selection of durable tactical gear offers something for everyone. Propper tactical pants are some of the most rugged, long lasting tactical pants available. They come in a variety of styles to accommodate any environment and activity level. Find you perfect pair today!

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