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At Patriot Surplus we take personal defense seriously. Thatís why we carry a whole line of Sabre pepper spray. This powerful pepper spray is an indispensible tool for ensuring personal safety. It is a wonderful non-lethal alternative to carrying a fire arm, and can deter a potential attacker long enough to flee. Unlike other brands of personal defense sprays, Sabre is made from extremely powerful ingredients derived from hot peppers.

We carry Sabre tear gas and pepper spray in a variety of formats. These different versions offer tactical advantages for a various applications. We offer small units for easy storage in a pocket or purse, large units for extra capacity, even keychain units for easy access. No matter which version of the Sabre red pepper spray you choose, you can be confident knowing you have a proven method of non-lethal self defense at your finger tips. Best of all, our Sabre self defense products are made in America. So donít wait another day. Get a Saber pepper spray and be sure youíre prepared for anything.

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