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Matterhorn Boots Information

Matterhorn Boots Offer Quality Design and Durability

Comfort is an important consideration when you need to wear military boots as a member of the military, a civilian professional or an outdoor enthusiast. The army boot you choose should offer several levels of comfort, such as a padded collar at the top of the boot to avoid chafing. Shock absorption is an important factor due to the kinds of work you’ll put your boots through. Most boots need to offer especially strong ankle support for rough terrain. Moisture wicking and fast-drying materials are important consideration too.

Matterhorn boots, manufactured by the Cove Shoe Company located in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania, are designed for the men and women who put their lives on the line each and every day. Whether you’re a member of the military, in law enforcement or emergency services, or you just enjoy spending as much time as you can outdoors in rugged terrain, you’ll appreciate the performance of these boots, which come in a range of styles and colors for men and women.

These boots are known for their quality design, durability and safety features that make them an ideal selection for active-duty military personnel who need combat boots for the situations they find themselves in. The military boots hold up well under many different conditions in all types of terrain, such as rock and mud, where military, law enforcement or search and rescue operations often take place. The boots come in several different styles, including combat boots, tanker boots, search and rescue boots, and field boots. Outdoor enthusiasts who hunt, climb or hike will also appreciate the qualities of this type of military boot. The different types of military boots are all waterproof and insulated, except for the non-insulated leather combat boot.

Cove Shoe Company began selling Matterhorn boots about 60 years ago. The company manufactures almost all of the boots in the United States, using a 125-step manufacturing process. Materials used in the army boots include waterproof and insulated Gore-Tex fabric in the uppers and Vibram outsoles for premium traction. One of the premier qualities of these army boots is their ability to take extremes in temperature while keeping your feet comfortable, dry and odor-free. A special manufacturing process creates DRYX foam, a material that absorbs moisture slowly into the gel cushioning foam, allowing the feet to stay cool and dry while you’re wearing the boots. The DRYX IntelliTemp “Smart Foam” offers superb heat, moisture and odor management. The Cambrelle fabric lining is top of the line in offering non-abrasive comfort for the foot as well as moisture wicking properties. Some of the army boots feature Thinsulate insulation, which makes the boot lighter weight while keeping the feet warm.

If you’re a member of the military, there are several versions of the two styles of field boots you can choose from. Each of the two styles of boots comes in 8 inch or 10 inch height, and both permit trouser blousing. The boots are insulated and waterproof. They are available in two colors, traditional black or the newer desert tan boots. The fleshout style of the desert boots offers a finish that looks like suede. The desert boots include the popular 10 Waterproof Desert Tan Fleshout Leather Insulated field boot with moisture wicking lining and Gore-Tex bootie. These desert boots are also available with a non-metallic safety toe.

A combat boot option is the Matterhorn 8 Waterproof Leather Non-Insulated combat boot. The boot has a waterproof Gore-Tex bootie, a Cambrelle breathable moisture-wicking lining, and superior waterproofing qualities. Finally, the HH 10 Desert Tan fleshout Leather tanker boot features a steel paratrooper shank, extra wide Velcro closure straps, and reinforced webbing for increased ankle support.

Boots designed for emergency services personnel include the 10 Waterproof Leather and Nomex-Kevlar-Ripstop Search and Rescue boot, which is available in both steel toe and non-metallic safety toe versions. The Kevlar features of the search and rescue boots keep the feet at an even temperature no matter what the conditions are, and offer superior cut resistance. The Nomex material offers flame resistance. The search and rescue boot also features the patented TigerTip toe that protects the foot and extends the life of the boots. The boots also offer a flexible internal metatarsal guard and a ladder shank with zinc coating.

Members of the military and law enforcement services, as well as search and rescue personnel, will appreciate the performance of these tough, long-lived army boots that help them do their jobs properly. Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the way these waterproof, insulated military boots take on tough terrain while keeping the feet warm, dry and comfortable all day.

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