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this is our medium transport pack from rothco. t...
Our Price: $44.95
Coyote Brown Medium Transport Pack
molle ii 3 day assault pack - coyotethis molle a...
Our Price: $52.95
MOLLE II 3 Day Assault Pack - Coyote
The military knows more than a little about being prepared to properly sustain men in the field, and so do we. Thatís why we stock the kinds of equipment we do. The military knows what it takes to carry significant gear and supplies into action. Failure is no option, least of all in equipment, and the same rugged durability and quality construction is available here for sportsmen or serious work. The right equipment well carried is a serious factor in the success of a military mission, and not something left to chance. Our Alice packs, backpacks, M.O.L.L.E. equipment, equipment bags, transport and assault bags are designed for extremely hard use in the most demanding of circumstances. They do the job well and can be counted on, as military, police, and sportsmen know well from experience.
Proper outfitting for excursions can require several different kinds of equipment, and organization is important to success. That can include medical bags for men who know they need to be prepared for just about any eventuality, or mag bags which are designed to carry all necessary compact gear and small items required for short excursions or extended outings. For more equipment intensive or longer actions, our rucksack designs are roomy, well designed and constructed, and can be counted on to reliably carry all the gear needed for an extended venture.

All of our bags for men are military grade quality, and those designs adapt perfectly with all the features
required by sportsmen or outdoor athletes. When used for active sports, bags for men that will be exerting a lot of physical effort include a rucksack with hydration system built right in. Virtually any configuration or set of equipment can be properly assembled to support the goals and get the unit there and back. The ruggedness and quality found in our assault or transport bags provide exceptional utility and value to those who need to travel fast and light for a short period of time, or as a rapid deployment survival bag packed and close at hand if it is ever needed.
When traveling for an extended period with significant gear requirements, an excellent duffle bag is what is called for. When planning a longer or more intensive outing that demands more provision, larger equipment and gear may be needed, and these are the right bag for men that need to put together all of the correct gear. These military grade bags are sufficiently rugged and are dependable, as well as easily portaged or hauled by horseback or vehicle to outfit an extended-use camp.

A seasoned and competent traveler or sportsman knows that while a single backpack is adequate even over several days for everyday use, that on an extended excursion, a well-packed duffle bag can sustain one indefinitely. A knowledgeable traveler can combine a smaller bag for men to carry any important documents, maps or other necessities and a sizable duffle bag to be prepared for almost anything.

Todayís active and mobile lifestyle for students, travelers and sportsmen will demand a practical, efficient and reliable rucksack to keep everything accessible and well organized. Roll-away style school bags with wheels may be a good idea for flight attendants and corporate road warriors but by comparison, they are impractical in the day to day world. Being able to carry a suit or a change of clothes in a roll-on bag is useful to a businessman, but impractical in most situations. School bags designed as practically as the military and sports styles we sell are for use in the real day-to-day practical world.

Our military assault or transport packs are easily pressed into service for students. Used as a school bags or book bags, they are in constant demand, and never go out of style for students wanting to make an 'urban guerrilla' style statement. The practicality of these packs used as school bags is such that they can be subjected year after year to the rigors of being hauled around in all seasons whatever the weather, and donít break or wear out like cheaper department store models will. Normal book bags not as well designed can cause serious damage too. Parents will be rightly concerned that heavy book bags are designed well, adjusted and worn in a way that doesnít cause damage to the studentís back, neck, shoulders and arms.

Whether a person is using our bags for sports activities, book bags, survival kits, day hiking, or other adventures, travel for work, pleasure, or used for very serious activity, it is smart to insure that the gear used is as durable and well designed as the military requires. No one makes greater demands on their gear than they do, and that insures that our gear can handle all the demands of students, professionals, sportsmen, athletes, hikers, travelers, outfitters, or guides.

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