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Patriot Surplus is a veteran-owned company that provides military, outdoor, and survival equipment to the public. Many items in Patriot Surplus' catalog are made to military specifications and will not fail you when you are counting on your gear. Hunters, collectors, survivalists, law enforcement officers, and even active duty military buy their equipment from Patriot Surplus!
One piece of equipment that everyone needs, especially military personnel and outdoor enthusiasts, is a good knife. Patriot Surplus has the knife you need; all you have to do is look for it. Patriot Surplus specializes in military knives with brand names like Ka-Bar, Columbia River Knife Works, and Gerber. There is a huge selection to choose from that will fit every need you may have from everyday use to the harshest outdoor environment. Patriot Surplus offers pocket knives, machetes, bowies, combat knives, utility knives and pocket tools.
Military Knives
Active duty military, SWAT members and even collectors will be overjoyed to see Patriot Surplus' Military Knives selection. Here, you can find GI type M-9 bayonets, Raider series knives and other military issued knives. Look at Smith and Wesson's HRT series knives. I can say from experience that Smith and Wesson's HRT knives are absolutely up to whatever task you can put in front of it! Patriot Surplus also carries ASEK Survival Knife systems in ACU Digital camouflage pattern, perfect for an active duty soldier on the front lines. Collectors will love to get their hands on a GI pilot's survival knife or a genuine British Commando knife. Take a look around and see what you'd love to have in your collection!
Patriot Surplus carries a whole line of genuine government issue field machetes in smooth and saw back blades. These machetes are made tough to handle all the brush you can blaze through while cutting a trail to you new hunting site. If you like a little more knuckle protection, check out our line of Collins style 18 inch steel machetes with integrated hand guards. Not only will the hand guard keep your knuckles free from abrasions, but it will also provide a more secure grip when clearing brush. Patriot Surplus also carries a shorter 12 inch camp machete that will fit onto any hiking pack without the bulk of a traditional machete.
Pocket Tools
Every self respecting operator needs a good pocket tool. I use my Gerber pocket tool each and every day. I wouldn't think of going anywhere without it! Buy your new pocket tool from Patriot Surplus, or buy two and give one as a gift! Patriot Surplus carries Gerber pocket tools as well as the venerable Leatherman pocket tools. With numerous integrated blades, screwdrivers, scissors, and can openers, you'll never be without the right tool for the job.
Survival and Hunting Knives
We've all heard too many stories of hunters and hikers getting out in the wilderness and becoming injured or lost! Don't go into the outdoors without a proper survival knife! Patriot Surplus' military survival knives are military spec tough and will get you through the worst situation you can get yourself into. Pick up a perfect copy of the Vietnam Mac-SOG combat knife. Perfect for outdoorsmen and collectors alike, you'll love the rubber ""Grip-Tite"" handle. Military survival knives often come with accessories that can get you through a night or two in the woods alone.
Ka-Bar USMC Knives
The USMC has recognized the quality of Ka-Bar knives and issues them to Marines all over the globe. If you want a solid Ka-Bar USMC knife, feast you eyes on a genuine USMC combo edge fighter or a genuine USMC combat knife. You simply can't get a better knife. Ka-Bar USMC knives are perfect for collectors, active duty Marines and outdoorsmen. I can't count the number of game animals I've cleaned with my Ka-Bar! Patriot Surplus also carries the ""Shorty"", a USMC fighting knife with a five and a quarter inch blade.
Columbia River Knives
If you're looking for a superb pocket knife, look no further than Patriot Surplus and their selection of Columbia River knives. They carry the M16-137M military knife in desert camouflage. They also carry the M16-137 military folding knife! Strong and sturdy, a Columbia River knife will serve you for years without failing you once.
Knife Sharpeners and Sheaths
If you're going to own a knife, learn to sharpen it properly. If you're going to sharpen a knife you have to have the right sharpeners to do it with. Check out Patriot Surplus' selection of Lansky sharpeners. The Lansky knife sharpening system is all you need to keep all your knives as sharp as razors. If you need a touch up on the go, get a pocket sharpener made by Fiskars. A leading name in blades and sharpeners, you can't go wrong with a Fiskars sharpener or with Patriot Surplus!
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