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Military Water Canteens and Canteen Covers

G.I. Style Plastic Canteen & Pistol Belt Kit
Item #: r588
g.i. style plastic canteen & pistol belt kit this 1 quart olive drab plastic canteen is great to keep your liquids safe on that next hunting, camping, paintball outing, scouting trip or just for your next outdoor mission....
Our Price: $8.95
Military Canteens

Patriot Surplus carries all types of Canteens and covers. The word canteen came to be known as a portable container for water. We carry the genuine military style 1 quart plastic canteens along with other 2 quart and mini canteen units. We also carry several nylon canteen covers for your 1 quart canteens in different styles and colors. All of these units are great for your next military mission or for your next camping and hiking trips.

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