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genuine government issue. 3 piece o.d. 1 qt. can...
Our Price: $5.95
Genuine G.I. 3 Piece O.D. 1 Qt. Canteen w/Clip
available in woodland (light green & loam) and j...
Our Price: $3.95
NATO Camouflage Face Paint Stick
Patriot Surplus is your one stop shop for military gear. We offer a vast array of supplies at excellent prices, and you know you’re buying quality when you buy from us! We are veteran owned and veteran approved, so you can be assured of high quality merchandise and customer service. No matter what your needs, we can provide the gear to fit the situation- from avid hunters seeking camouflage gear to the outdoor enthusiast looking for top quality outdoor gear, we provide it all. We offer the traditional army store items along with unique accessories and gear. In addition to this, we take pride in being able to supply our law enforcement personnel with top quality tactical gear.

The outdoors can be a hostile place, and the environment around you can change within minutes. It pays to always be prepared, no matter what activities you plan to partake in. We enjoy helping our customers find quality gear that they can trust and rely on to make it through even the most challenging situations.

If military gear is sought, we provide a wide assortment of military gear, with everything from canteens to MRE's. You don't need to visit an army store to get top notch supplies, we can ship them directly to your home! If you’re seeking a canteen, we have one for any situation imaginable. We offer an outstanding variety of Aluminum and plastic canteens, in a variety of sizes. We also offer canteen bladders, which tend to weigh less than traditional canteens and offer storage flexibility. In addition, we offer a variety of canteen covers for any situation including black tactical covers, camouflage, and even fashionable covers. In addition, check out our collection of flasks and botas. Flasks make a very fashionable gift for the person who has everything! We offer designs from us military Marine Corps Logos to camouflage to even plain classy stainless steel flasks. If you are seeking a bota, we offer one and two liter wine botas.

Whether a hunter or you just like the style and fashionable look of camo, we provide an amazing array of camouflage gear. We sell us military grade camo accessories and face paint. From basic three color kits, to advanced woodland themed compacts, we can help you blend into any surroundings. We offer both compact based kits and tubes of face paint, to meet your preferences and needs.

We also offer a plethora of "survival" gear. From compasses and blankets to MRE's and flashlights, we can help make anything the outdoors can throw at you easier to weather. A compass is a must have for any voyager- and we have a wonderful variety to choose from. We even offer low-profile, slim models, slightly bigger than a credit card ,that can fit into your wallet, keeping you prepared for whatever may arise. In addition, we offer many different types of first aid and survival kits. From us military sewing kits to signal mirrors, we have what it takes to keep you prepared for any situation. We have many different military first aid kits to choose from in a variety of styles. In addition, we have everything from waterproof kits to tactical trauma and first aid kits. We even have camo kits!

For a bit of illumination, check out our selection of flashlights. We offer a great variety of different styles and functionalities. From G.I. emergency strobe lights, to headlights, we offer light for any situation possible. Not only do we carry traditional flashlights, but we also have new LED style flashlights. These have the advantage of not giving off heat like a traditional flashlight and tend to be better on the battery use as well. We also supply G.I. replacement bulbs for your current flashlights.

To ensure you have everything you need to be prepared, check out our accessories section. We sell everything from mosquito netting to military tape. For a bit of comfort, we offer folding camp stools, stools with pouches and even camo sleeved blankets- blend in while you stay warm! In addition, we have both corded and non-corded ear plugs, to help protect your ears while out at the range.

Here at Patriot Surplus, we take pride in helping everyone from all different backgrounds find exactly what they need to conquer any situation they might be faced with. From military personal to law enforcement to the avid hunter, we can help you find exactly what you need and offer excellent customer service to ensure your satisfaction. We are veteran owned and veteran approved- you can shop with peace of mind knowing we stand behind what we do! Buy with confidence from our army store.

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