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Sunglasses and Goggles

"Choosing a pair of sunglasses involves more than just evaluating style and determining a reasonable price. For years, sunglass manufacturers continue to improve upon the design and material selection for military sunglasses because they realize the importance of function, quality and reliability. Sunglasses serve several purposes including protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays. They also provide a safe covering from hazards, temperature fluctuations and harmful exposure. Procuring a pair of military eyewear or aviator sunglasses involves reviewing the various configurations and making a selection based on how and where the glasses will be used. Finding a good source of eye protection for both military applications and outdoor use proves paramount in ensuring continual vision safety.

Climate Controlled Sunglasses for Comfort and Protection

Climate control military sunglasses effectively shield the eyes from various harmful elements including sun, sand, wind and smoke. The materials used to manufacture these glasses undergo stringent testing to ensure their ability to withstand continued use in harsh environments. Lens materials typically include durable polycarbonate blends designed to withstand temperature variations and resist damage due to scratching or bending. An anti-fog coating and sophisticated ventilation system protects the wearer from sudden visual obstructions due to steamy or foggy lenses.

Maintaining good peripheral vision is another important factor in military eyewear design. The glasses should include enough protection from the elements yet allow full vision capability for safety in a variety of situations. Well-designed military sunglasses must be comfortable for the wearer and prevent excessive pressure on the temples. This type of eyewear typically features adjustable controls that adapt to various head sizes. Comfortable silicone nose bridges with adjustable features complete a quality pair of climate controlled sunglasses.

Sunglasses for Aviator and Outdoor Use

Originally designed by Ray-Ban for use with the Army and Navy during WWII, aviator sunglasses have been a favorite for generations. General MacArthur wore a pair during his landing in the Philippines and dozens of photographers captured his image making the aviator glasses a new trend. Their unique teardrop shape distinguishes this style of sunglasses from other designs. Dark, reflective lenses characterize Aviator sunglasses that are now available in a variety of styles, colors and shapes.

In addition to being a popular and distinctive style, aviator eyewear provides protection from the elements and UV rays. The light filtering properties offer pilots the ability to maintain good vision during bright, sunny days. Lens choices include black, smoky grey, brown or a metal-lens version with an acrylic coating. Standard frame styles include black and silver metals. A popular Air Force style features a mirror lens that also provides UV protection.

Goggles and Masks for Optimum Protection

When an activity calls for full eye protection, a pair of military goggles or a military mask offers the optimum choice. Full padding around the forehead, sides of the face and nose are incorporated into every goggle design. Fully certified safety lenses protect the eyes from foreign objects and harmful elements. Military goggles offer protection against dust, wind, sun and smoke and may be purchased with either clear or tinted lenses. Tactical goggles have been subjected to stringent testing such as the ballistic impact test and meet the highest level of military specifications.

Designed for applications that require increased protection of the head and neck, military masks provide the optimum coverage. The full goggle and mask system provides extensive environment protection constraints.

Choosing a Style and Size

With the wide selection of sunglasses for military and outdoor use, choosing the optimum pair requires some consideration prior to purchasing:

- Intended use: Sunglasses should be chosen based on the normal level of activity when worn. Eyewear that will be worn during high activity periods are qualified to meet rigid safety standards and offer full eye protection. The durable Equalizer styles are a popular choice for a variety of activities.

- Material and construction: An important consideration when selecting a pair of military type sunglasses involves evaluating the material and construction quality. The Wiley-X products feature high-grade materials and consistent fabrication techniques.

- Fit and appearance: Finding a pair of glasses that look appealing and fit well is also an important consideration and plays a significant part in the selection process. Sport grip temples provide security during intense outdoor activities and protect against high-impact events. A comfortable nose bridge makes it easy to wear sunglasses for long periods of time.

- Color and style: Many climate control products, aviator glasses and sturdy outdoor styles are available in several color choices including black, silver, gunmetal and brown. Selected styles may be found in trendy colors including red, blue and gold.

Quality sunglasses protect the eyes from hazards and add comfort for outdoor activities. Modern materials combined with high style and comfort make military eyewear a favorite choice for work, sports and casual wear. "