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Oscar Mike Apparel - Made in America by American Veterans

***10% of all proceeds go to the Oscar Mike Foundation to benefit disabled veterans.***

Every day, I take calls from customers asking why they can't find American-made apparel. I try to explain how hard it is to find, all the while being silently disgusted that this is the case. Well, take notice America: we have partnered with a company that is not only made in America, but the man who founded this company defended America.

Let me proudly introduce you to Noah Currier, the president and founder of the Oscar Mike Foundation. Noah is a U.S. Marine. He was paralyzed in a tragic accident after valiantly serving tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. During his rehabilitation, Noah realized that today's market for military-themed apparel and units shirts only offered apparel made in foreign countries.

Primarily, this type of apparel is made in the Middle East or Southeast Asia. Now, I dare you to ask a U.S. military vet who fought in Afghanistan to wear a military moto-shirt made in Pakistan. You'll probably lose your teeth or at the very least, your ear's cuss word virginity. Trust me on this. Oscar Mike is an all-American made retail organization and a charitable foundation that Noah Currier started to offer service members, veterans, and their supporters high-quality veterans apparel and military clothing that honors our own.

Veteran owned and operated, Oscar Mike plans to have a competitive edge by providing contemporary and hip military influenced styles on clothing made and printed right here in the United States. The product series offered by Oscar Mike blow away the stagnant market trends for military-themed apparel. Providing more comfortably engineered materials, better fitting clothing, fresh designs, and supporting good causes Oscar Mike is on the move to becoming the most trusted name in military apparel.

Patriot Surplus is honored to be a part of their mission. "Getting 'on the move' is communicated as "Oscar Mike" in radio jargon used by the military on the front lines. Oscar Mike and the OMFoundation symbolize their mission of assisting and promoting injured veterans in being "On-the-Move." For more information on the Oscar Mike Foundation, please visit their website here.

Plus, when you purchase a military t-shirt or other veterans apparel from the Oscar Mike Foundation, you can feel good knowing that 10% of the proceeds are going directly to benefit disabled veterans. It's not just about looking good in your military apparel. This is about doing good with military t-shirts, veterans apparel, and military clothing that has a powerful mission: to help our disabled veterans get on the move again.

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