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Outdoors Gear

Hiking Boots
are you looking for a great port...
Our Price: $4.99
Tri-Fold Shovel w/Cover
rothco special services duty search gloves * ult...
Our Price: $14.95
Rothco Black Fingerless Neoprene Gloves
From hunting boots to Ghillie suits, we have everything you need to take on the great outdoors at Patriot Surplus. Shop and save on our selection of military surplus gear, camping survival gear, and other outdoor essentials. Trust us it pays to be prepared when you're outside.

Looking for some gear to get ready for your next camping trip? In our selection of camping survival gear, you'll find tents, sleeping bags, and of course, all of those things you tend to forget about until you get to the campsite and you're like, "Oh crap. I should've brought that." Things like an emergency fire starter kit or a large canvas water bucket.

Need military surplus gear or camouflage before heading out into the woods? We've got military surplus gear, hunting boots, Ghillie suits, and of course, all of the camo clothing you could need to equip yourself to blend in. From head to toe, we'll make sure that no one will see you unless you want them to.

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