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Are you a MilSim player? MilSim is an abbreviation for military simulation. Fans of this style of gaming are civilians who are simulating military operations for entertainment and fun. MilSim is most often done by airsoft and paintball players, but can even refer to video gamers as well.

MilSim players commonly use airsoft and paintball guns that are modeled off the real weapons used by our men and women in uniform. Airsoft weapons are used more often than not in MilSim because of their availability as replica weapons without modifications. Paintball guns often require modification for MilSim gaming.

MilSim players come in two breeds generally, reenactment and simulatecd military operations. Reenactors tend to restage a particular battle or military operation in history. They want to focus on presenting themselves as most accurate for that time or event. Simulation players most often focus on strategy and being as accurate as possible to that type of military operation.

So, you are asking, how do we fit into the picture here? Well, we sell the real deal here at Patriot Surplus. Why buy the fake knock off gear when you can get official gear used every day by our military? We offer a huge selection for MilSim players.

And remember, Posers get painted!


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