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Propper International has been supplying the military with uniforms since the 1960's. Today, Propper International is known throughout the world for its high quality, high technology apparel lines, each designed to serve your needs for duty. At Patriot Surplus, we're proud to offer Propper ABU uniforms for those who want authentic Airman Battle Uniforms. After all, Propper International is the only manufacturer to have been granted permission to produce and sell a commercial version of the U.S. Air Force Airman Battle Uniform.

Made from a durable nylon and cotton twill blend with a Digital Tiger Stripe pattern, Propper ABU uniforms offer permanent pressing, ample storage with plenty of pockets, a comfortable design, and permanent creasing for a polished look that can stand the test of just about anything. These ABU uniforms aren't fooling around. But hey, that's what you'd expect from our selection.

At Patriot Surplus, we offer Propper ABU pants, coats, and hats for both men and women so you can suit up in support of your branch.

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