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Propper Military Style Shorts

Keeping cool goes way beyond that pair of shorts you like to bum around in at home on the weekends. Sometimes, you need to take the cool with you when you're out in the field, on the move, or on duty. Thankfully, there's one line of tactical shorts that's built just for your line of work, or at least your hobbies. For those who need extreme shorts that never fall short (see what we did there?) of performance, Propper tactical shorts never disappoint.

Available in olive, camo, navy, black, brown, and khaki styles, Propper tactical shorts are worn by both weekend warriors and guys who need comfortable, professional shorts on the job. For example, those who love tactical gear appreciate Propper because it helps to complete their uniforms. Comfortable and well-fitting tactical shorts are hard to come by. Propper takes it to a whole other level with lightweight designs that repel stains and liquids, have plenty of storage, and are sewn tough.

Whether you're looking for tactical shorts to complete your collection of tactical gear, or just a solid pair of shorts to wear during the summer, Propper tactical shorts are sure to keep you cool and prepared for anything. After all, you're a patriot. You need shorts that can keep up

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