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Propper Military Apparel

propper tac u combat shirt atacs foliage greenth...
Our Price: $69.99
Propper Tac U Combat Shirt ATACS Foiliage Green
propper poly / cotton ripstop bdu coats a-tacspr...
Our Price: $44.99
Propper Poly / Cotton Ripstop BDU Coats A-TACS
Propper is the manufacturer of choice for the U.S. Military for over 40 years, and all Propper clothing is made according to the highest standards to withstand the toughest military conditions. The proudly American made Propper line of combat ready apparel is also in demand among law enforcement professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Propper BDU pants are even available in children's sizes, and they are as useful and protective for hunting and hiking as they are for our troops in the Middle East.

Quality military apparel must be designed and manufactured to serve in the most demanding combat situations, maintaining both security and comfort as well as protecting against everything from detection by enemy troops or scoping devices to thorns, spikes, barbs and other challenges that are often encountered by soldiers who are fighting in typical combat conditions. The same protection, which is the hallmark of every Propper product, along with the Propper dedication to quality, serves law enforcement agents, including Federal agents who proudly wear Propper apparel when dealing with border infiltration and other highly demanding assignments. And civilian outdoor enthusiasts know that the clothing which protects those who protect our country is equally suited for any adventure they may plan, from desert hiking to woodland hunting and beyond. Propper offers the ideal combination of toughness and comfort, with a full line of protective clothing available at prices that are indeed quite affordable.

Propper BDUs are the uniform of choice for soldiers serving in situations where tactical protection through unique design must be combined with insulation and protection against extremes of temperature. A quality bdu from Propper serves its wearer in the toughest of circumstances, yet it retains the appearance that protects soldiers and even law enforcement agents from being detected by advanced weaponry. Protected against the kind of stains and damage that can ruin a lesser bdu, every Propper bdu relies on advanced materials such as Teflon to make sure that it resists stains that can damage its protective design.

Propper is the leader in BDU pants as well as in jackets and tops for military and law enforcement applications. Propper BDUs are serving our soldiers in Afghanistan thanks to their unique combination of top tactical camouflage protection, comfort, and durability. They are also chosen by the DEA for operations involving potential danger or extreme conditions. Yet, they are just as useful for the hunter or hiker who wants to ensure that he remains comfortable and safe even when enjoying outdoor sports in extreme weather conditions or when conquering the toughest of trails. BDU pants are particularly in demand among sports enthusiasts who rely on them for protection when they find themselves in the most challenging terrain conditions.

The Propper Tactical Trouser is the pride of the Propper military apparel line. Attractive enough for dress and display wear, it is fade and wrinkle resistant as well as being coated with DuPont Teflon for protection against stains and spills. Its internal knee pad openings and nine pocket design add to the practicality and usefulness of the Propper Tactical Trouser, which also provides safety in urban law enforcement situations thanks to its wallet pocket-in-a-pocket. Its action elastic waistband adds to the comfort which it provides, and it helps the Propper Tactical Trouser last as long as possible even when worn repeatedly in difficult conditions.

All Propper BDUs and related apparel offer the following features:

Made according to pertinent military specifications
Military Grade Pocketing
Guaranteed 11 Stitches per Inch
Large number of pockets placed for security and convenience

Knees and elbows of jackets and pants are reinforced for strength and comfort, and buttons and waist flaps allow for easy and comfortable adjustment.

Propper BDUs, BDU pants and related military protective apparel represent the highest level of protection for all situations where security, protection and comfort are imperative. In combat situations in Asia and the Middle East, or on the Southern borders of the United States, as well as on nature expeditions, hunting trips and hikes throughout the United States and beyond, every piece of Propper military clothing is designed for lasting protection while remaining comfortable even after long wear. That is why Propper apparel, from hat to pants to jacket, is the choice of the U.S. Military, the Drug Enforcement Agency, and countless law enforcement agencies and professionals across the United States and even abroad. And that is why Propper also outfits serious outdoor sportsmen, who know that they can count on Propper military apparel to show the same grit and endurance that they show every time they set out to conquer the outdoors.

We are proud to feature Propper BDU's and all related apparel and accessories, including the highly acclaimed Propper Tactical Trouser. Those who protect our country rely on Propper to protect them in all conditions and circumstances.

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