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Voodoo Tactical Gear

professionally designed hydratio...
Our Price: $52.95
Voodoo Tactical Expendable Hydration Pack With Universal Straps
"gigantic" isn't even in the same league as this...
Our Price: $100.95
Voodoo Tactical Mojo Load Out Bag


Here at Patriot Surplus we are always striving to bring you the best. Voodoo Tactical is our solution to our lack of high quality Tactical Gear for our Patriots. They crank out some of the best Armor and plate carriers on the market at a great price, with spacious amounts of PALS webbing so you can customize your load out to as you see fit. Don’t worry about running out of room. They have you covered. When your in the field on long missions, Voodoo Tactical has an Assault Pack or Ruck Sack to fit your mission wherever it may take you. Heading into the Greenside or if you do not require a Armor or Plate Carrier the high quality Chest rigs still give you a lot of real estate and plenty of configuring options for the operation at hand. If for some strange reason you have run out of real estate on your gear and you need a drop leg rig or a belt to keep you going and in the fight Voodoo has a nice selection of both.  The pouches, everyone needs MOLLE pouches. They keep you in the fight, carry your necessary tools and equipment to keep you alive and going.

Fighting in the dark? Not any more, fight back darkness with their impressive high output sure to blind your attacker Flash Lights. Ranging from the lowest at 225 lumens to the highest output they have at 350 Lumens. Do not worry battery costs will not be an issue, they are all rechargeable and come with the appropriate charger.

Going for your secondary can be a hairy thing especially if you do not have the appropriate holster and worry about your secondary going off on its own. With our selection of holsters you can rest assured that your secondary will not be going anywhere. While your in the field you will be losing fluids, and the only way to get those fluids back in to you is to drink lots of water, if you need a bladder or carrier the Hydration selection will suit your needs.  Carrying the appropriate amount of medical gear and your own personal medical pouch is necessary these days. Check out the vast medical selection we have, if you need Quickclot or just a IFAK pouch we have that.

Voodoo Tactical has also been turning out some of the best, toughest weapon cases on the market, with plenty of accessory options, and configurations, from a side arm all the way up to a long rifle. You’ll be sure to find what you need for which ever weapon you need to transport securely.  Looking for a secure way to carry that breaching shotgun on your way in? The Voodoo Tactical Scabbards will keep that shotgun right where you need it.

Voodoo Tactical has gone back to the drawing board, offering plenty of shooters gear and accessories, from shooters bean bags, to slings as well as elbow and knee pads. At a shooting competition or just having a nice day with your long rifle at the range get one of the very comfortable shooting mats that they offer. The shooters gear selection is very good and at great prices.

Voodoo Tactical also gives you plenty of ways to get your gear and yourself where ever you are going with the many different and configurable Range & Equipment bags.  If you need an admin pouch that can double as a wallet, check out the Accessories. So Patriots, Enjoy the new selection.


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